Visiting Batam Resort to Spend Your Vacation in Indonesia

Visiting Batam Resort to Spend Your Vacation in Indonesia

Indonesia has many attractions that are worth to visit. One of the popular destinations is Batam. There are so many Batam resort that you can visit to spend your holiday this year. Perhaps, you have already felt satisfied by having a vacation in Bali, so you wish to visit another destination. Therefore, Batam can be your good choice for the next schedule.

Melur Beach - Batam Resort

Melur Beach – Batam Resort

Batam Resort Wonderfull Place

What can you find in Batam? would like to show you some popular Batam resort that you can visit.

Bukit Senyum

If you want to visit Batam, put Bukit Senyum to your list of destination in Batam that you must visit. This is a special hill and from this hill, you can see Singapore, especially in the night. You are able to see the lights of skyscraper buildings in Singapore which look so beautiful. You can also see the planes passing at Changi Airport from this hill. So, Bukit Senyum must be a good choice to spend your day off.

Barelang Bridge

Batam is really popular for its Barelang Bridge. It is one of the icons of Batam island. If you can see Monas in Jakarta, then Batam has Barelang Bridge. Balerang Bridge itself is taken from an abbreviation of several places Batam, Rempang, and Galang. It is also popular with Habibie Bridge because it was designed by Habibie. It connects to some island around the Batam Island to make industrial activities run well.

Melur Beach

After visiting the Barelang Bridge, then you can continue to visit Melur Beach. This beach is really nice to visit with an extraordinary view. Besides, there are so many visitors who visit this beach. Most of the visitors are the local people. You can do some activities at this beach just like what you commonly do at another beach. You can swim, play with water, play on the sand, and look for small fish around the beach.

Marina Beach

If you still have to time to visit a beach, then you can also visit Marina Beach. Marina beach is the most popular Batam resort that is visited by many people every day. This Batam resort is really outstanding with its awesome scenery. There is also a green garden which can make our sight comfortable. Perhaps, you have felt satisfied with Kuta Beach in Bali, but you should not miss Marina Beach to get a different experience.

In conclusion, those are some popular Batam resort that you may visit when you come to Indonesia. In fact, there are so many more attractions to visit but you may explore it by yourself.