6 Meanings of Acne on the Chin, Nose & Other Face Positions

Mom, did you know that skin problems like acne have a certain meaning? Yup, some people believe that the meaning of acne on the chin is an indication of a kidney disorder. However, is it true?

The skin problem that is often experienced by teenagers and adults is acne. The appearance of acne (acne vulgaris or break out) is a skin disorder when oil and dead skin cells clog the growth of hair follicles. Acne can occur in several parts of the body such as the chin, neck, chest and back.

The break out condition generally occurs in human puberty, which is between the ages of 10 to 13 years. This can only get worse if your face is oily and you don’t pay attention to cleanliness. Although it generally occurs during puberty, it is possible for babies and children to break out.

Acne can occur due to several conditions, such as clogged hair follicles, the presence of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes which causes inflammation, androgen hormones, and excess sebum production.

The position of acne on the face often interferes with appearance and creates a sense of self-confidence, right? So, is it true that there is a meaning of acne on the chin and other positions? Let’s check the information below.

6 Meanings of Acne on the Chin, Nose & Other Face Positions

Acne vulgaris or the growth of acne can be caused by several conditions. The following are common causes of acne.

  1. Descendants

Acne can occur due to offspring who experience the same condition. For example, someone is a descendant of people with severe breakouts with oily faces. So, the next generation can get this skin problem even though they have kept their face clean.

  1. Changes in Androgen Hormones

Hormones in the body experience changes at certain times, both men and women. For example, in women, these hormones experience an increase in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the presence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and when entering menstruation.

  1. Testosterone Hormone Activity

At puberty, the hormone testosterone will experience an increase in activity. The oil glands of this hormone will produce excess sebum which then clogs the pores.

  1. Body Cleanliness

Mom, body hygiene is very important because with a clean state, the pores will not be clogged. Mom can routinely clean body skin with bath soap and facial skin with facial wash so that there is no residual oil and dirt. Clean skin will suppress the growth of acne on your skin.

  1. Stress

Stress is not the main cause of acne but is the result of acne. Experiencing stress can lead to new acne because this condition affects the amount of hormones in the body.

The Meaning of Pimples on the Chin

The chin is a part of the body that often appears acne. Here is the meaning of acne on the chin that you need to know.

  1. Hormone imbalance

The first meaning of acne on the chin is unstable hormone activity. When hormones are unstable or not in good condition, then acne on the chin can appear very much. This of course needs to be anticipated by getting enough rest and avoiding stress, Mom.

  1. Impaired kidney function

The next meaning of acne on the chin is impaired kidney function. Kidneys are organs in the body that have an important role in human survival.

The function of this organ is to remove and filter substances that are no longer needed for the body and nitrogen-containing waste in the form of urea.

Kidney organ malfunction can be caused because a person is dehydrated. To overcome this, Mom is enough to maintain a regular and sufficient diet and drink mineral water.

What Acne Means in Other Positions

In addition to the meaning of acne on the chin which indicates that there is a health problem, the position of acne on other parts of the body also has its own meaning. Here’s the full explanation.

  1. The Meaning of Pimples on the Nose

The meaning of acne on the nose could be because your heart function is problematic. Either in poor condition or have serious disorders. Acne on the nose can also be due to high blood pressure. The fix, Mom can limit foods that contain high salt, exercise, and eat fruits and vegetables.

  1. The Meaning of Acne on the Face

If pimples appear on the face, such as on the forehead and areas near the hairline, it means that there is a mismatch with the brand of shampoo you are using.

If the intensity of pimples that appear in this area is quite frequent, the meaning of acne on the face could be because you have digestive disorders.

If you have a pimple between your eyebrows, it means you have a liver function problem. To overcome this acne problem, Mom can perfect the hours of sleep for 8 hours a day, avoid foods or drinks that are alcoholic, dairy, oily, and exercise more regularly.

  1. The Meaning of Pimples on Cheeks

The next part of the skin that often arises Pimples are cheeks. Pimples on cheeks mean that your respiratory system is in bad shape. Poor breathing can happen because of objects that are often stuck to the cheeks, such as cell phones and pillows. Dirty pillowcases and cell phones can transfer bacteria to your cheeks. To treat acne on the cheeks, you should clean cell phones, pillowcases and objects that often stick to the cheeks, and reduce sugar consumption. Doing exercise in the morning and breathing fresh air can also overcome disturbed breathing so that your lung performance is better.

  1. The Meaning of Pimples Under Lips

The next part of the face is under the lips. Pimples under the lips are a sign that you are experiencing extreme stress and hormonal changes. The way to overcome this is by consuming lots of mineral water, fruit, vegetables and regulating sleep patterns.

7 Ways to Overcome Acne

Mom doesn’t need to worry if a pimple appears on the chin or other body parts. You can try several treatments, either done independently at home or by visiting a dermatologist. Here’s how to solve it.

  1. Keeping the skin clean, both face and body

Clean the surface of the face after using make-up properly until there is no dirt or traces of make-up left. Use a face wash that contains salicylic acid to help prevent oil from clogging your pores.

  1. Compress with Ice

If the face is experiencing redness, it can be overcome by compressing certain parts using ice. It aims to reduce the redness of your skin.

  1. Use Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

The use of creams or ointments is believed to be able to reduce acne on the chin or other areas.

  1. Avoid Squeezing Pimples

Popping a pimple will not solve this skin problem. Precisely these habits can add to and worsen the condition of your skin.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is believed to be able to control hormones and reduce stress. These sports activities can prevent or reduce the appearance of pimples on the surface of your skin.

  1. Maintain Diet

Eating fruits and vegetables is highly recommended for health because these foods have a million benefits. Eating fruits and vegetables can help you get rid of acne easily.

  1. Laser Therapy

This therapy can be used on the advice of a doctor when acne can no longer be treated independently or with general medication.

Those are the various meanings of acne on the chin and how to deal with it. How’s Mom? It turns out that acne can also be a sign of health problems, you know. Therefore, always keep your face clean and consult a doctor if necessary. May be useful!

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