16 Fun and Educational Indonesian Traditional Games

Mom, do you still remember the traditional Indonesian games that were often played as a child? No less exciting than gadgets, right? Unfortunately, these traditional children’s games are now rarely found.

Along with the development of the times and the rapid progress in technology, almost all activities can be done through gadgets or gadgets, including children’s play activities.

Giving gadgets to your little one sometimes makes him lose interest in traditional games. They tend to be busy with their own games on their mobile phones. Where this has an effect on the scarcity of native Indonesian games.

Therefore, in order to preserve Indonesian culture, let’s re-introduce the baby to the traditional children’s games below.

16 Fun and Educational Indonesian Traditional Games

Actually, there are so many traditional Indonesian games that can help hone a child’s motor, sensory, and creative skills. Of course, these various games are no less exciting than gadget games, Mom. Here are some of them.

  1. Bekel ball

Who is not familiar with the traditional Indonesian game called Bekel Ball? Mom would know, right? Bekel ball was one of the most popular playing media in its day, both among girls and boys.

Bekel balls consist of small, medium, or large rubber balls and seeds made of brass or copper.

The way to play is that the player only needs to bounce the bekel ball 1 time then at the same time, he must be able to take 1 bekel before the ball hits the ground.

  1. Stilts

Stilts are one of the Indonesian cultures that must be preserved. Stilts are tall bamboo sticks where someone will stand and walk using the bamboo.

This traditional children’s game demands balance. If a player falls before the allotted time, then he is declared a loser or loser.

  1. Congklak

Congklak is also a traditional game that your little one should not miss. Congklak is a traditional children’s game in the form of a perforated board containing shell seeds.

The following traditional games are very easy to play, and can even be used as a medium to train your baby’s numeracy skills.

  1. Marbles

Collecting various kinds of marbles was one of the hobbies that was loved by children at that time. The more complete the types of marbles he has, the cooler the child will be in the eyes of his friends. Isn’t that right, Mom?

To play this object called gundu, the player must flick his opponent’s marbles using his gundu. If successful, then he has the right to take the marble.

  1. Knock

You must be familiar with the traditional children’s game called engklek? Yup, this game by drawing boxes on the ground is very fun to play with friends.

The trick is that the player must pass 1 city to another using 1 foot. So much fun!

  1. Gasing (gangsing)

Mom, try asking your husband if he has ever played top fighting. Adu gasing is a traditional Indonesian game that is generally favored by boys.

The way to play is that players only need to spin their top and then they are pitted against who has the longest top.

  1. Hide and seek

This traditional game seems to be often played by children at school.

Hide-and-seek or what is known as the following is a type of game that is timeless. You can even do it with your family at home. Worth a try, Mom!

  1. Squat cat

The next traditional children’s game is the squat cat. This game requires a large number of participants where one of them will be a cat chasing other players.

  1. Jump rope (rubber jump)

The ability to play skipping rope or jumping rubber is something that girls can be proud of in their time. Is Mom like that too?

Jump rope can be played in groups or individually. Players will jump over the rope from the lowest level (limited to the knee) to the highest level (the rope is lifted above the head).

  1. Pletokan

Pletokan is a traditional Indonesian game in the form of shooting using wet paper as a bullet. Pletokan is generally used for wars or the police because of its booming sound like firecrackers. But don’t worry, Mom. Because the paper bullet will not hurt your little one’s body.

  1. Kites

Kites are one of Indonesia’s traditional games which are not only popular domestically but also internationally.

No need to bother, Mom only needs 1 large crackle bag and 4 small bamboo. Shape the kite as desired by attaching crackle to a bamboo frame, then attaching a string to one of the frames. Practical!

  1. Long dragon

nag snake traditional game Long aisle can be another alternative for Mom when spending time with family.

Position yourself in front of your husband while forming a tunnel. During play, all participants must sing a long dragon song. When the song stops, the tunnel guard must arrest one of the players or members of the dragon.

  1. Gobak sodor

Not wanting to be left behind, gobak sodor is also a traditional children’s game that is very fun to play with friends at school.

The trick is to divide the participants into 2 groups. One group acts as a guard for the fort, while the rest become intruders. To win this game, the intruder must be able to escape the trap of the last guard.

  1. Fortress

Bentengan is a traditional Indonesian game that is usually played in schools during sports hours. Do you still remember By playing fortification, children will indirectly learn about cooperation in groups. Wow, that’s fun, Mom!

  1. Old tire racing

Who would have thought that unused items such as used tires could also be used as game tools?

The used tire race is one of the most lively events, especially during the 17th of August.

  1. Catfish peg

To play the catfish stake, participants had to place 1 large piece of bamboo between 2 stones. After that, use the small bamboo to hit the big bamboo. The player who can drop the big bamboo, then he is the winner.

How about it, Mom? Do these 16 traditional Indonesian games make you miss your childhood? If so, let’s invite the children to play and feel the fun together. Guaranteed, they will like it too. Have a nice play!

Mom who has a daughter, have you tried any girls games? Spending time with girls is really fun, Mom. Can be invited to cook together, accompany shopping, or just play at home. Games for girls are not just cooking games, you know.

There are many educational children’s games that are no less exciting. Apart from being entertainment, the benefits of playing for children are also at the same time training their skills so that their growth and development is more optimal.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the following games for girls.

1 Finger painting

Your little one is bored with the usual drawing games? Come on, invite him to play finger painting. Finger painting is a game of painting on the drawing field (paper, etc.) directly using the fingers.

Children’s fingers are limited by the painting area, starting from the fingers, palms, to wrists. So, what are used as brushes here are the child’s own fingers. Fun, isn’t it?

The benefits of finger painting are also not to be underestimated. Finger painting games are useful for training children’s fine motor development, through painting activities that involve the muscles of the fingers, muscle and eye coordination, and train children to express themselves through painting by hand.

Now, for finger painting ingredients, Mom can mix it yourself with safe ingredients, for example, from cornstarch mixed with food coloring.

2 Doll

This game is sure to be one of the girls’ favorite games. The average girl usually has a collection of dolls, even if only one. Barbie doll is one of the prima donna.

Mom must have seen her little one busy talking to his doll. This activity turns out to be good for growth and development, you know Mom. Who would have thought, it turns out that the benefits of playing with dolls are to hone their fine motor skills, namely communication skills and children’s imagination.

So, from now on, don’t hesitate to invite him to play with dolls and create cool imaginative stories with him.

3 Puzzle with your favorite character

Puzzle is an example of an educational toy for children. The benefits of playing puzzles include training children’s concentration, honing hand and eye coordination, and much more.

When playing puzzles, children are challenged to arrange the pieces into a complete shape.

For girls, Mom can invite your little one to play puzzles with pictures of their favorite characters, such as frozen, princess characters, tinker bell, and others.

4 Plasticine/play dough

Playing plasticine is a means to train children’s creativity. He can form all kinds of patterns with this wax toy.

Utilizing the strength of the hands, the benefits of playing with plasticine also train children’s ability to grip, press and twist objects.

Instead of buying outside, Mom can make your own plasticine at home. The trick, mix flour and salt in a bowl. Then mix the water and food coloring in another bowl.

Then mix the flour and salt mixture with a solution of water and food coloring. Finally, knead the dough and the play dough is ready to use.

5 Storytelling and role playing

Examples of other educational games that Mom can play with girls are fairy tale. While reading stories to your child, you can ask him to act out the characters in the story.

Ask the children to imitate the dialogues of the characters. In addition to practicing speaking skills, storytelling also trains children’s imagination and creativity skills.

6 Coloring

Not just an ordinary game, coloring is useful for practicing children’s hand skills when holding crayons.

First, teach him how to hold a crayon properly. Then ask him to start coloring a simple picture. While your little one is coloring, introduce the names of the colors and the names of the objects he colored.

Learning to color is useful for sharpening children’s fine motor skills, namely training concentration, as well as gross motor skills, namely hand muscle work.

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