How to start a skincare business to be successful

Mom, currently the skincare business is a promising business opportunity, you know! No wonder many people are competing to open a skincare shop business online or offline. If Mom is interested but confused about how to get started, don’t worry, because Ruangmom will provide skincare business tips for beginners.

Then, what about the capital? No need to worry Mom, with technological developments like now, Mom can open a business with small capital even zero rupiah. Interesting right? For that, let’s just look at how to start the following skincare business!

How to start a skincare business to be successful

Skin care products are a necessity for both men and women to keep their skin healthy. This high interest makes this business opportunity very good. Even if successful, the benefits of the skincare business can reach millions to tens of millions of rupiah, you know, Mom!

As a beginner, of course, Mom must have careful planning to start this business. Here are the tips.

  1. Define the business model

The first thing Mom has to do as a way to start a Korean skincare business is to determine a business model. Here, Mom can adjust the type of business to the budget or capital you have.

No need to worry, if Mom has a small skincare business capital, you can sell as a reseller. Meanwhile, if Mom has no capital at all, you can choose to sell as a dropshipper. Thank goodness Mom has big capital, you can try to build your own brand or open an offline store.

  1. Market research

Basically, to start a business, not only skincare, you need market research first. The goal is to find out what products consumers are looking for, who your competitors or competitors are, and which suppliers can provide products for you to sell.

While doing market research, Mom will also learn about competitors’ marketing strategies to the selling price of the product. Well, Mom should focus more on studying competitors according to your business model, yes.

  1. Setting the target of potential customers

In addition to market research, it is also important for Mom to set a target for potential customers as a way to start an online or offline skincare business. Are you targeting women, men, teenagers, adults, or something else? By determining your target customers, you can sell the right product.

  1. Create a brand name

Even though you don’t make your own skincare products, it would be better if you had your own brand for your shop. Make a store name that is attractive, simple, and easy to remember with a unique design so that it will be the main attraction for Mom’s potential customers.

Meanwhile, for mothers who want to make their own products, you can work with experts such as pharmacists or beauty specialists to develop products.

  1. Determine product packaging

Mom, don’t take it for granted regarding product packaging, okay? Because if the product packaging is less attractive, the interest of potential buyers can also decrease. Some types of skincare may require special packaging to keep it safe and maintain its function. For example, serum where the packaging needs to be made in such a way that it doesn’t spill easily.

  1. Understanding marketing authorization

Especially for mothers who make their own skincare products, you must have a distribution permit from BPOM, yes. That way, potential customers can trust your product. As for Mom who is a reseller or dropshipper, also make sure Mom is looking for a reliable supplier who sells products that have passed the BPOM test.

  1. Opening an online shop

If you don’t have big capital to open an offline store, then the alternative is that you can sell online. Yup, Mom can open an online store on a website or marketplace. All you have to do is create an account as a seller, upload product photos, market them, then wait for orders to come in! Easy right, Mom?

  1. Promoting on social media

The next way to start a skincare business is promotion on social media. Nowadays almost everyone uses social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and so on.

So, Mom can take advantage of that opportunity to promote your selling product. As for the various forms of promotion, Mom can advertise or work with influencers.

  1. Provide the best service

Another thing that is no less important when running a skincare business is to provide the best service for consumers. Mom must be able to explain well and friendly to consumers about the advantages and benefits of your product.

Usually, before buying, consumers will first ask about your product, so Mom must be happy to serve it, yes.

  1. Keep innovating

Mom, the dynamics of the development of the skincare world is very fast. Perhaps in recent months the most sought after product is a toner containing AHA BHA. Maybe next month I will change to a serum containing niacin mid, as well as the following months may change the trend again. Therefore, keep on innovating according to market tastes, Mom.

Those are 10 ways to start a Korean skincare business online and offline that Mom can use as a guide. The most important thing is that Mom must be serious and painstaking when doing business. In addition, frequently update the latest trends related to skincare products so that your business is increasingly in demand. Good luck, Mom!

Mom, now is the digital era where you can do many things online, one of which is starting a business. Yup! Online business is one of the targets of many women, because besides being easy, you also don’t need to spend big capital. Well, this time Ruangmom will discuss a platform that can help Mom to find additional income, namely Sistersel.

What is Sistercell? For more information, see the review below, Mom!

What is Sistercell?

Sistersel is a social commerce platform that allows Mom to do business online in an easy and profitable way. Mom can become a reseller, dropshipper, or social seller by only relying on a smartphone from home.

Not only that, Mom, Sistersel is also a platform that cares about empowering women to become real girl bosses through various products so that they can always look stylish and confident.

As a social commerce platform, Sistersel makes it easy for all members to sell either through social media with flexible working hours or offline by opening a bazaar at home.

Benefits of joining the Sistersel social commerce platform

Maybe Mom is wondering, what are the benefits of joining Sistersel? Take it easy, Mom. You will get a lot of interesting benefits, such as:

  • Immediate profit up to 27%
  • 15% cashback with a total spend of at least IDR 500,000
  • Cashback 27% when the total monthly spending reaches IDR 1 billion or more
  • There is a reward in the form of gold savings worth 1% of your total purchases, and can be disbursed when it reaches 0.5 grams of gold

Products for sale in Sistersel

When you join Sistersel, Mom will have access to more than 1,000 fashion products such as bags and wallets for both women and men, as well as a variety of health care and beauty products that are guaranteed to be 100% original. These products include:

Programs in Sistersel

Now, on the Sistersel Mom social commerce platform, you can also choose the desired program, namely Reseller and Dropship or the Referral program. Here’s the explanation.

  1. Reseller and dropship program

This program is intended for mothers who want to find additional income by becoming a reseller and dropshipper in Sistersel. How to become a reseller of skincare, fashion bags and wallets as well as other beauty products is quite easy, you know! The benefits that you will get include:

Immediate profit up to 27%

15% cashback with a total spend of at least IDR 500,000

Cashback 27% when the total monthly spending reaches IDR 1 billion or more

  1. Referral program

Want to start a business but don’t have the capital, Mom? Relax, you can join the referral program. This program is for moms who want to do business without capital, but can still generate profits by sharing links. Later, you will get a 5% commission from each order based on your downline rank.

Well, starting this August 2021, Sistersel has the latest compensation terms that are definitely more profitable, Mom! What are the conditions like? Check the following table, yes!

Great business plan

For Moms who don’t understand what a downline is, a downline is someone you have successfully recruited and become your subordinate in selling products at Sistersel. For example, Mom invites B and C to join Sistersel, then B and C are called your downline.

Bonus Value in Sistersel

In Sistersel, Mom will get a lot of cashback benefits from shopping for products with a certain Bonus Value value. The higher your rank, the bigger the cashback you will get.

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