Trending home business ideas and opportunities

Need a side source of income to meet daily needs, Mom? Don’t be confused, because you can try to cultivate a home-based business that is trending this year. In addition to flexible working hours, a home business also doesn’t require a lot of capital, you know.

But make no mistake, even though the capital is minimal, it doesn’t mean the profits are also small. If the services or products you offer are satisfactory and of good quality, of course you can get big profits.

Well, here, Ruangmom has summarized various home business ideas that Mom can try, starting from

Advantages of opening a home business

A home business that is currently a trend is no less profitable than other businesses. Not only earning money, but Mom will also get benefits such as:

  • No need a lot of capital
  • Free to determine working hours
  • Generate more satisfaction
  • Easy to control business
  • No need to rent a place
  • Open new jobs

Trending home business ideas and opportunities

Opening a trending home business is an easy choice for Mom to increase daily income. Moreover, only with a small capital you can generate big profits, of course very tempting, yes. Well, here are various promising ideas and business opportunities that you should try.

  1. Healthy catering

Did you know, lately a healthy lifestyle has become a trend among the people. Therefore, you can take advantage of it by opening a healthy catering business. This home-based business recommendation is not complicated, really. With only a kitchen and groceries, Mom can make a lot of profit.

  1. Contemporary milk coffee business

One of the recommendations for a home-based business that is currently trending is the coffee shop business. Don’t worry, Mom doesn’t have to own a shop or a food truck. Just partnering with Grab or Gojek for delivery services, Mom can start a modern coffee milk business at home.

If your coffee blend is right and in accordance with the tongue of many people, profits will surely come your way.

  1. Laundry

If you are looking for promising business ideas and opportunities, try the laundry business. Yup, especially if you open it in an office area, campus, or new housing complex. The reason is, the area is generally inhabited by employees, students, and a super busy young couple, Mom.

  1. Private tutor

A home business recommendation that is the next trend is private tutoring. Mom can call the students home or vice versa, you come to them. Just choose one subject or several that you are good at. The more students you have, the income will follow.

  1. Online courses

Not only private lessons, online courses are also one of the trending home-based business ideas and opportunities, especially foreign language online courses. Therefore, if Mom is good at foreign languages, just try this one promising business!

You don’t need to teach outside the house, but through video calls or short messages. Use various supporting applications, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, and so on.

  1. Translator

In addition to online courses, Mom can also provide translator services with your foreign language skills. This trending home-based business recommendation does not require large capital. Enough with a laptop and internet network, Mom can already have customers ranging from students to business people. Promising business, right?

  1. Sell beauty products

The recommendation for a home-based business that is the next trend is to sell beauty products, ranging from cosmetics, skincare, body care, and so on. You don’t need to be an expert in making cosmetics, Mom can get a lot of benefits by becoming a reseller and selling them online. This includes promising business ideas and opportunities too, you know.

  1. Dropshipper

Becoming a dropshipper is one of the recommendations for a home-based business that is currently a trend. Anti-complicated and minimal capital, Mom only relies on internet quota and good selling skills. With this home business idea, you can sell whatever items your buyers want, from clothes, shoes, cooking utensils, to beauty products.

  1. Selling streetwear

Fashion never escapes modern life today. Take advantage of this condition by opening a home-based business that is again trending, namely selling branded streetwear. Not only is it a promising business, clothes like Supreme, Bape, Off-White, or Stussy are indeed quite tempting and loved by many people, Mom.

  1. Selling Hijab

In addition to selling clothes, hijab is also a home-based business that is currently a trend in the fashion world, you know. There are so many varieties of hijab that are popular with people and you can use them as ideas and business opportunities. Especially when entering the month of fasting and Eid al-Fitr, it is guaranteed that this home-based business idea will sell well.

  1. Pastries

Ahead of Eid al-Fitr or Christmas, pastries are always the most frequently purchased food. This could be an idea and a chance a promising business if Mom’s pastries have a quality taste. That way, your business will be well recognized and become a subscriber of many people.

  1. Sell handicrafts

If Mom has creativity and skills in making various crafts, try to make it a business opportunity idea. This is because various handicrafts are now becoming a trending home-based business, such as knitted clothes, bamboo chairs and tables, or flannel fabric products.

  1. Selling snacks

Another home-based business recommendation is selling snacks. This promising business does not require large capital. Mom can just pick it up from a distributor or even make it yourself at home. Make no mistake, now there are many businesses selling snacks that reach a turnover of up to tens of millions per month, you know!

  1. Graphic design services

If you have drawing skills, try offering graphic design services, such as making logos, brands, posters, invitations, and so on. Promote the home business idea through the various social media that you have. This is one of the home-based businesses that is currently a trend among creative industry businessmen.

  1. Sewing services

Meanwhile, if Mom is skilled in sewing, you can make it a promising idea and business opportunity. Considering that clothing is one of human needs, don’t be surprised if this service always sells well from the past until now. The pay is also quite high, you know!

  1. Make-up service

Makeup services are also a home-based business that is trending and never dies. Every month or even every week there will always be someone who has a celebration, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or marriage. It’s going to be a promising venture, Mom.

  1. Grocery store business

A home business recommendation that never fails to become a source of income is the grocery store. The reason is, this home-based business idea provides a variety of basic necessities and everyone’s daily needs, such as rice, oil, noodles, soap, cooking spices, and others.

  1. Shoe washing service

Lately, shoe washing services have started to become a home-based business that is again a trend among teenagers. In addition to not requiring large capital, the service offer is still relatively small. So Mom can take advantage of this opportunity as a new business idea and opportunity.

  1. Motorcycle washing service

Washing a motorbike is usually the laziest thing most people do. Therefore, offering motorbike washing services is now a trending home business. It’s not difficult, just with tap water, a hose, a brush, detergent and a rag as initial capital, Mom can run a motorcycle washing service smoothly.

  1. Develop a YouTube channel

This trending home business recommendation is suitable for moms with a hobby of recording videos. If you have an interesting life to document, try channeling it by developing a YouTube channel. For example, cooking content, household knowledge, or tips and tricks on caring for and raising children.

Those are various home business ideas that you can try to increase your daily income. These various home-based businesses that are trending certainly offer opportunities with promising results. You just need to divide the time between doing business and caring for your little one at home.

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